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Magic Circus roars across the Dutch cities. Often just two or three days on one location. Here you can find dates and locations!
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Every year a brand new show and this year we have plenty of surprises for you. Come and see our brand new show of 2017!
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Opens an hour before every show.
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Show lenght: 100 minutes inc. intermission.

Seating plan of the Magic Circus

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    1 to 12 yr.   From to 12 yr.
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Front view   €12,00   €14,00
Chairs   €15,00   €17,00

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Front view   €14,00   €16,00
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Magic Circus, the Dutch City Circus 

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Discover our brand new 2017 production here
Come see the Magic Dome, the only 6-mast Circus Big Top on tour in Holland

More than just a circus

Circus at School

Since 2016 we offer primary school an educational programme, with school materials for both teachers and pupils. An extra reason to combine the beloved circus projects at school with the annual visit of the Magic Circus. As the Dutch City Circus we see it as our duty to inform youth and the educational system about circus and hand them proper information about circus culture and the circus world. The materials are available digitally in combination with booking a tour of the circus ground, an afternoon in the circus of in combination with renting the big top for a school show given by the children themselves. 

Social mission

As a City Circus we improve the social cohesion in the areas we visit. We actively participate in projects which create a better society and we strive to bring circus (culture) to all city disctricts. From summer parties to the location of a neighbourhood conference or from a council meeting with the locals to a barbecue for locals. Salsa lessons and even a fashion show for the locals have taken place in or around our big top. Naturally we can also co-operate with service clubs who wish to organise a fundraiser for a good charity. So anyway, does your social project need that magical spark of the Magic Circus? Feel free to contact us!

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